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With the Bugstoppers, you can do a One-Time Treatment as well as an Annual Plans. Having and Annual Plan means we keep you on a schedule to perform pest control on the interior and exterior of the home. Here are a few plans we offer at the Bugstoppers!

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gold plan image.jpg

Gold Plan

Bi-Monthly Services

(6 services per year)

1 Top Choice Treatment (Guaranteed only for fire ants for 1 year)

1 Mosquito Fogging

Termite Protection Included

20% off all other services!

silver plan image.jpg

Silver Plan

Quarterly Service

(4 services per year) 

3 Yard Sprays

1 Mosquito Fog

Termite Protection (+)

15% off all other services

bronze plan image.jpg

Bronze Plan

Quarterly Service

(4 services per year) 

1 Yard Spray

10% off all other services

grass 2_edited.jpg

Mosquito Free Summer

With our Mosquito-Free Summer, you'll never have to worry about getting bit while lounging by the pool, at a barbecue, or roasting marshmallows. Having our Mosquito-Free Summer plan means we will fog your property once a month for Mosquitoes. Treatment starts in March and goes all the way through November!

ant mound 2.jpg

Top Choice (Fire Ants)

Nobody likes Fire-Ants, let us take care of it. With our Top Choice treatment, we guarantee 1 year with NO Fire Ants! 

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Tired of your porch and eaves being covered in Spiders and Webs? Our Web-Out treatment will clean away those old webs and deter spiders from building new ones! This service can also be added to your annual plan. 

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