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Sugar Land, TX Pest Control

Pest Control In Sugar Land, TX

When it comes to choosing a place to live or work, the best people to ask about a specific location are the people who live and work in that location. If you ask the people of Sugar Land, Texas about our town, you’ll find out that it is a great place to settle down. Sugar Land is close to Houston, so you are just a short distance away from city life, but you don’t have to leave our community to have access to anything you might need or want while living or working here. Our city is the home of many business headquarters and our neighborhoods can’t be beat. 

Choosing Sugar Land as your home or the place where you establish your business makes good sense. Choosing a pest control company to protect your home or business from the many pests in Sugar Land also makes good sense. Pest control in Sugar Land is available from the experts at The Bugstoppers. We have been solving pest problems in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas since 1978 and we are committed to excellence in every service we perform.

Residential Pest Control In Sugar Land

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to relax and spend time with the ones you love. When pests get in, they destroy your home’s peace and make it a place you don’t want to be. Keeping pests out of your Sugar Land home is not only good for your family’s peace of mind, but also for the health of your home. Pests can spread germs, ruin your belongings, and damage your house.

Residential pest control services for your Sugar Land home are available from The Bugstoppers. We thoroughly inspect your house to identify active pests and conducive conditions, then apply the necessary treatments to eliminate any pests that are active around your home. We also offer on-going services to prevent other pests from getting inside in the months and years to come.

Commercial Pest Control In Sugar Land

If anything can bring your business to a screeching halt, it’s a pest infestation. Customers are unlikely to visit your restaurant if roaches are seen running around, your manufacturing equipment won’t work properly if rodents damage it, and it’s hard to maintain a retail business if insects have damaged the items you sell. Protecting your business from pests is essential if you want to keep your commercial property running.

When the fate of your business is at stake, only quality commercial pest control will do. The Bugstoppers provides commercial pest control designed around your business’s needs. We’ll identify the issue, treat the problem, and provide the pest control you need to make sure your Sugar Land business stays pest-free in the future.

Fence Repair Services For Sugar Land

Whether you own a tiny plot of land or many acres, you do your best to maintain your property to ensure it is functional and beautiful. If you have any areas where fencing is erected, you know that it requires upkeep as well. The weather, wildlife, and general wear and tear can damage parts of your fence, making it ineffective and an eyesore.

If you need fence repair services, The Bugstoppers do more than just eliminate pests. We offer wood fence repair and replacement services for your Sugar Land property. We’ll fix the parts of your fence that need repair to keep it strong, functional, and looking its best.

How To Identify Roaches Around Sugar Land And Why It Matters

Cockroaches are pests that are bad news for your Sugar Land home or business. They spread many harmful diseases, so getting them on your property is dangerous for everyone who lives, works, or visits there. Cockroaches are also quite difficult to get rid of once they move into your home or business. Although the story about roaches being able to survive a nuclear bomb is not true, some of the other seemingly far-fetched stories about them are true, including their ability to survive underwater for up to 40 minutes and without a head for up to seven days. Cockroaches are hardy creatures that require skill and experience to eliminate.

Keeping roaches off your Sugar Land property is better than trying to get rid of them once they’ve already moved in. Knowing the signs of a cockroach infestation can help you identify whether you need to contact the professionals at The Bugstoppers. Look in cupboards, under sinks, and in other dark, moist areas for the following:

  • Cockroach droppings, which look like pepper flakes
  • A foul, musty odor
  • Shed skins and egg casings
  • Smear marks
  • Live cockroaches

If you see any of these signs, The Bugstoppers provides the cockroach control services you need to eliminate your cockroach problem. Our experts have the knowledge, equipment, and products needed to eliminate your cockroach infestation as quickly and effectively as possible.

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