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Pressure Washer & Gutter Cleaning In Houston, TX

Keep Your Home Clean & Healthy With Help From The Bugstoppers

As a homeowner, the forces of nature are always against you. Over time, wind, rain, dirt, and other elements can create a lot of wear and tear around your home’s exterior, both tarnishing its beauty and causing other potentially costly issues. Two of the most common ways these problems manifest themselves is through dirty, stained surfaces and clogged gutters. Luckily, we’re here to help!

In addition to our expert home pest control offerings, The Bugstoppers Pest Control is proud to offer pressure washing and gutter cleaning services to homeowners in Houston and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today and fight back against the home deterioration with help from The Bugstoppers!

Our Pressure Washing Process

Have your exterior walls, fences, driveway, or patio become stained with dirt and grime? Pressure washing is the perfect solution to get these areas looking clean and new again. Here’s how we do it:


Before pressure washing, we’ll first clear the area of any objects or obstructions that could interfere with treatment. This typically includes children’s toys, pet food and water bowls, stored products, etc.


Next, we’ll spray algaecide to remove algae buildup that might have occurred. Most of the time we’ll focus on the north side of whatever object or surface we are pressure washing, as this is where most algae and vegetation growth occurs.


Finally, we’ll carry out a regular wash over the surface to remove any lingering dirt or stains. After this wash, you’ll be left with a home exterior that’s never looked better!

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

Gutter cleaning is the process of removing all the leaves, dirt, and debris that build up in your gutter and downspouts over time. This buildup stops rainwater from flowing to the ground, and over time clogged gutters can lead to numerous moisture issues around your home. Professional gutter cleaning is the perfect solution to ensure that your gutters are handled safely and professionally, keeping water flowing away from your home as it should.

Here’s how we do it:


First, we’ll inspect your gutters. We need to see exactly what’s causing the buildup before we remove it.


After inspecting, we’ll then get to cleaning. Your technician will climb up to your gutters to remove the clutter inside by hand. Our trained professionals can remove all the harmful elements blocking your gutter while saving you from the hassle and headaches of doing it yourself - not to mention the potential for falls or accidental damage.


Finally, we’ll flush the gutter with water, both removing any lingering debris that might remain as well as verifying that the gutters now flow effectively.

The Bugstoppers Protect Houston Homes

The Bugstoppers team has decades of experience protecting Houston-area homes from all the things that might threaten them. Whether it’s bugs, dirt, or just the effects of time, we have the tools to get your home back in shape and looking better than ever. Don’t leave your home unprotected against the elements; give dirt and grime the boot with reliable home services from The Bugstoppers!

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