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Montgomery, TX Pest Control

Pest Control In Montgomery, TX

What's more Texan than the place where they created the iconic Lone Star Flag? That aside, Montgomery is truly one of the best places to live with its proximity to The Woodlands and Houston, the endless outdoor adventures, and the small-town feel. 

But like anywhere else in Texas, we still deal with everyday problems such as insects and animals that try to infest our homes and businesses. And if you've ever dealt with pests, you know just how frustrating and challenging they can be.

Pest infestations can happen to any home or business, so you should take the risk and go with trusted pest control experts on your side. Below you can find all the info you need about Montgomery County pest control for your residential or commercial property.

Residential Pest Control In Montgomery

Pest infestations can cause significant concerns for homeowners in Montgomery. These concerns include but are not limited to costly damages and repairs, spreading diseases and parasites, unsightly and dangerous waste, contamination, biting and stinging irritating allergies, and asthma. No one wants to worry about any of these problems happening to their family!

You can stop worrying about pest infestations and their dangers by getting reliable home pest control treatments from The Bugstoppers. 

We tailor our bi-monthly or quarterly pest control services to your needs by understanding your pest concerns talking with you, and learning about past experiences with pest control companies. We then perform a detailed inspection of your property using flashlights and black lights, checking the eaves and attic, looking for entry points and standing water, and more!

We also offer several non-pest-related home services for pools, fence repair, pressure washing, window cleaning, and deck building.

Let The Bugstoppers assist with pests and other home services you need for your Montgomery residence. 

Commercial Pest Control In Montgomery

As a Montgomery commercial property or business owner, you likely already know the importance of keeping pests out as they can cause serious issues like spreading diseases, damaging products, and ruining reputations. But you might not know that the best way to protect your business is by working with pest experts like The Bugstoppers, who can help with pest control services for commercial properties!

When we work with commercial property owners, we formulate our services to meet their specific needs, which we determine through an inspection and talking with the customer. Because of how essential reliable pest control is to businesses, we offer month-to-month treatments to keep critters out no matter the time of year.

Reach out to our highly trained team at The Bugstoppers to learn more about our commercial pest control offerings and how you can get started. 

The Best Way To Protect Your Montgomery Home From Pests

It's common for people to wait until they have a pest problem to do something about it, but this leaves homes vulnerable to all types of pests. So instead of waiting for an infestation, you can take preventative measures now!

The best way to protect your home against pests is by working with pest professionals for ongoing treatments. At The Bugstoppers, we offer bi-monthly or quarterly options, so you're home can be protected from pests year-round.

We also offer services that help maintain your property and aid in making it less attractive to pests. These services include fence repair, lawn care, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and more. So don't forget to ask how we can help when you call The Buggstoppers to learn more about our quality pest control offerings and how we can protect your home!

5 Signs Your Montgomery Property Has A Rodent Problem

Rodents in Montgomery are very opportunistic, making them some of the most common pests experienced on residential properties. But people don't always realize they have a rodent problem because they are stealthy animals. So to help you identify a rodent infestation, here are five signs you should know:

  1. Pieces of shredded fabric, paper, and other materials, which rodents will use to create nests once they are inside.
  2. Waste, paw prints, and grease marks are usually in the areas where rodents are most active.
  3. Damage and chew marks will be on food packaging and other items in your home.
  4. Rodents can travel through the walls of a house so that scratching sounds can indicate their presence.
  5. A change in a pet's behavior, such as restlessness, hyper-focus on one area, and distress, can signify that there are rodents or other pests inside your home.

Rodents are not only annoying but also dangerous, spreading diseases and parasites, causing contamination, affecting allergies and asthma, and causing damage to homes. Please don't wait to contact our experts at The Bugstoppers if you see any of the above signs. We have the rodent control methods you need to have a home free of these critters. Call today!

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