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Home Pest Control In Houston, TX

Defending Your Home With 40+ Years Of Pest Experience

The Bugstoppers has been protecting homes and businesses in the greater Houston area for 40+ years. Our team of professionally trained technicians will meet your residential needs with the utmost care and confidence. No matter what pests you may face, our treatments and product options are more than prepared to take them on.

Whether you are dealing with a current infestation or looking to acquire long-term protection, The Bugstoppers has you covered. Call our office today to inquire about same-day or emergency home pest control services in Houston.

Our Home Pest Control Services

The inspection is perhaps the most important part of any home pest control visit. At The Bugstoppers, we perform extensive inspections and ask probing questions designed to root out pests from any environment. Once we figure out your recurring issues and potential pest concerns, we develop a plan that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our home inspection process may include:

  • The use of a flashlight and black light to check for traces of pests on walls, floors, and sink areas.
  • Checking the attic for any type of rodent, lizard, or stinging insect nest.
  • Looking for entry points via cracks, crevices, or foundation fissures.
  • Scanning the eaves and A/C lines to check for probable signs of damage.
  • Watching for ants and wasps near swimming pools.
  • Checking for termite tubes around the outside of the house.
  • Watching for standing water or large groupings of foliage that may attract mosquitoes.

The home pest control treatments you receive are directly related to the IPM insights uncovered by our field technicians. Products are applied in stages as the typical residential pest control service applies treatments quarterly or bimonthly. You can expect to receive exterior and interior treatments during every visit, with solutions that may include:

  • Fogging or granule treatments for attics.
  • Spot treatments across thresholds.
  • Bait applications for cockroaches and ants.
  • Products applied three feet up and three feet out from the house.
  • Sweeping the eaves for cobwebs and nests.
  • Dust products used in weep holes and other areas.

Our home pest control treatments are only the beginning. We also provide an extensive list of warranties for virtually all of our pest solutions, including:

  • General pest control: 30-day warranty
  • Fleas and ticks: 60-day warranty after the second treatment
  • German roaches: 60-day warranty after the second treatment
  • Fire ants: 1-year guarantee
  • Rodents: 1-year guarantee that you can extend after a $125 fee for inspection
  • Termites: 1-year guarantee that you can extend after a $125 fee for inspection

Your residential pest solutions may be just around the corner. Learn more about home pest management services from The Bugstoppers by calling our office today.

Our Home Pest Control Process


We use Integrated Pest Management methodologies to scout your home for signs of pest activity. Our technicians will ask you detailed questions about your insights and concerns.


We apply the necessary treatments to your property. You can expect us to use all products according to their labels and with the best IPM practices in mind.

Follow Up

Your pest control warranty will take effect after we apply the last treatment. If anything goes awry while we're gone, call us to request additional assistance.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

The Bugstoppers offers much more than just pest management services. Since 1978, our experts have provided an extensive list of additional home services that include:

Reach out to our office today to discuss how our additional home services may help you thrive.

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When it comes to the safety of your home, family, and loved ones, don't leave anything to chance. Protect your Houston investment with help from the experts at The Bugstoppers Pest Control. Our home pest control services will keep your property free of all sorts of pests, offering the peace of mind you need for the quality of life you deserve.

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