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Baytown, TX Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control In Baytown, TX

Baytown is known as the type of place where people come to raise a family. The city is known for its kind disposition, good public schools, eclectic downtown, and type of neighborhood for everyone. There is also the added benefit of water access to Tabbs and Trinity Bay, as the city’s name might suggest. Residents here can be to the center of Houston in minutes, so there’s a lot to love about life in Baytown. One thing that property owners don’t love about living here, though, is the number of pests that they encounter.

At The Bugstoppers Pest Control, we have been delivering trusted pest control in Baytown since 1978. We are a locally owned business that is entrenched in our community, as we service countless local properties and are involved in a variety of local organizations. Our services all follow Integrated Pest Management methods, which makes us able to address any pest that comes your way. For more information on our services, please call us!

Residential Pest Control In Baytown

Your daily life is packed with things to do and places to be, so don’t let pests get in your way. At The Bugstoppers Pest Control, we provide residential pest control in Baytown that makes your life a lot safer. As a locally owned company with more than 40 years of experience, there is no challenge we can’t face.

Our property inspections are meticulous and allow us to identify where pests are hiding, how they’re getting inside, and what’s attracting them. Because we follow Integrated Pest Management methods, you can expect services like cobweb and nest removal, spot treatments, granular baits, and fogging, all on a recurring basis. To learn more about how residential pest control can protect your home, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Baytown

At The Bugstoppers Pest Control, we are committed to excellence and it shows through our Baytown pest control. As a proud, locally owned business with more than 40 years in business, we know how to address all of the pests that could possibly disrupt your business. We are highly detailed in our work and quick to jump into action.

Within 24 hours of receiving your first call, we will provide a complete property evaluation and tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. We’re able to make this a reality because we follow the methods of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With IPM, you can also expect education on prevention, routine maintenance, and sustainable results. For more information on how commercial pest control in Baytown might benefit your business, call us today.

Pool Service For Baytown

Part of living in Baytown is enjoying the outdoor space that your home provides, and part of that might include a pool. Rather than try to prepare your pool on your own and be responsible for anything that might happen, consider professional pool maintenance from The Bug Stoppers Pest Control. Our company comes to you with extensive experience that you won’t find elsewhere. Every pool service that we offer will be customized to your needs and guaranteed to work.

If you have a pool and you want to understand what living without the stress of caring for it would look like, give us a call. We provide the following services, all of which are at your disposal: service for drains and heat pumps, clean-ups for dirty pools, and filter cleaning. If you require frequent visits, we can stop by on a weekly basis until your pool is functioning the way you want it to. Enjoy your pool without the hassle. To learn more about our pool services in Baytown, please call us today.

How To Tell If Spiders On Your Baytown Property Are Dangerous

When you live in Baytown, you run the risk of encountering lots of different types of spiders. Some of these spiders, like the cellar spider, are just a nuisance and are not linked with any property damage or health risks. Then there are two species of spider that are actually a real threat to your well-being. To start, there’s the black widow spider, which is perhaps the most notable and infamous spider around. Most people can identify the female without ever actually encountering one because of her depictions in popular culture. The black widow is a shiny black color and has a red hourglass stamped on her abdomen. She waits in her web for prey to scamper by and that's when she attacks. While the black widow is anti-social, if she feels that you’re a threat, she may bite you.

The other type of spider to stay away from is the brown recluse. While this light brown spider tends to prefer rock piles and basements, it’s not uncommon to encounter them while they’re actively hunting. Their six eyes make the brown recluse one of the most adept hunters out there. Similarly to the black widow, the brown recluse only bites to protect itself. For more information on spider control, call The Bugstoppers Pest Control today. 

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